How to Manage Millennials - Lessons from This CEO to Another

September 30 2016 by Rob DouglasLeave a Comment

Next week (Tues. Oct. 4) I’m speaking at a "Fireside Chat" at the TSX on Lessons Learned as a CEO.

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BioConnect and EyeVerify Re-confirm Accelerating Plans for Secure Authentication in the Financial Services Sector

September 14 2016 by JessicaLeave a Comment
Comments today from BioConnect CEO Rob Douglas and EyeVerify CEO Toby Rush make it clear that the two companies plan to double down on their joint plans for convenient, secure and private authentication solutions.
Yesterday, EyeVerify made news with a major announcement that reinforces its commitment and appeal to banks, payment providers and other market sectors;
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Toronto: Demonstrating It Has What It Takes to be A Leading Tech Hub

September 08 2016 by Jeff CrewsLeave a Comment

I am a very big fan of the city in which I work, Toronto. More specifically in a neighbourhood known as Liberty Village – which is definitely an emerging tech hub within Toronto.

This is my third opportunity holding a leadership role at an earlier stage tech company.  My previous role had me commuting to SFO every month to a company located in Sunnyvale, CA -- so I have firsthand knowledge of working down in the Valley as well. But, a few years ago I exchanged the monthly trips to SFO with the ability to stay in Toronto, cycle to work over 50+ times a year (taking into consideration the Canadian winter) along the the shore of Lake Ontario.

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Delta's Data Center Crash: Proof IT Needs to Get Involved

September 07 2016 by James ShannonLeave a Comment

This piece was originally shared on James' Linkedin on September 7th, 2016. You can follow him here.


Last month Delta Airlines suffered a power outage in its Atlanta data center. What should have been a small problem became an operational nightmare as core data center systems failed to recover. Without control of their network, Delta was forced to ground hundreds of flights.

Delta has since reported a $100 million hit to its revenue as a direct result of the system outage.

Whose fault was it? Tough to say. Technicians on site blamed a failed “switchgear” for not routing power to a backup generator. However, the airline has yet to address broader questions about legacy technology and operational changes.

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Banks Taking on Biometrics – Now, Which to Choose?

September 06 2016 by Rob DouglasLeave a Comment

We just announced a partnership with EyeVerify last week and Bianca Lopes, our VP Strategic Marketing and Global Alliances commented in particular how EyeVerify’s solution and biometrics in general can help to tackle KYC, AML regulations, and combat fraud. 

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What Security Experts AREN'T Doing to Protect You

September 06 2016 by Bianca LopesLeave a Comment

This post was originally featured on Bianca's Linkedin on August 9th. You can read it here.

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Brexit: 2 Months Later and Pound Still Down? Well, Come Talk to Canada!

September 01 2016 by Bianca LopesLeave a Comment

This post was originally featured on Bianca's Linkedin, published on August 31st. You can read it here.


Following the official decision to leave the EU, the British pound dropped nearly 10% overnight, reaching its lowest since 1985. As such, Brexit represents economic uncertainty regardless of what any future changes might bring.

I'm heading to Finovate in just over a week and am excited to talk to FinTech companies and banks from all over the world. I've seen panic, concern and some interesting comments being made about the true impact of Brexit. What does this really mean for one of the key FinTech capitals of the world: London? Well, I'm certainly not an expert, but have for obvious reasons followed the story closely, watching the whole thing unfold. As a Canadian entrepreneur, with clients abroad and a growing tech company to build, I as well have some thoughts and questions as they relate to Brexit.


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BioConnect and EyeVerify Collaborate to Improve Identity and Authentication in Financial Sector

August 30 2016 by JessicaLeave a Comment

BioConnect and EyeVerify are delighted to announce a licensing agreement that includes the integration of Eyeprint ID into the BioConnect platform. As the world of finance continues to be one of the fastest consumers of biometric technology, the need for security and a frictionless user experience for authentication is becoming more and more apparent. As biometrics are something you are, cannot be shared, borrowed or forgotten, they have surfaced as a clear front-running solution to help reduce fraud, manage KYC measures and reduce operational inefficiencies. 

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How Canada is Bridging the Gap Between Finance and Technology

August 27 2016 by Bianca LopesLeave a Comment

This post was originally featured on Bianca's Linkedin, published on August 19th. You can read it here. 

FinTechTO week is ending today, and I have been privilege to incredible conversations, heard amazing ideas, and learn a boat load! 

 As Adam Nanjee, the man running Mars' FinTech cluster, says we're seeing a "tremendous amount of growth in these sectors.... There are so many things happening across the FinTech space, we just need a place to meet and cross-pollinate and tap into these innovations". 

In fact, Canada is home to more than 518 start-ups, 67 investors, 110 co-working spaces, 57 accelerators and 8 communities, according to Betakit.  We’re innovating and we’re growing - and there’s something to be said about that.

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Why Toronto Is Becoming One of the Top FinTech Cities Globally

August 25 2016 by Bianca LopesLeave a Comment

This post was originally published on Bianca's Linkedin on August 17th, 2016. You can follow her here.


This week kicks-off the second annual #FinTechTO Conference and I couldn’t be more excited! Speakers from some of the world’s leading companies and organisations, like Google, Bloomberg, BitGold and even FINTRAC, will be here, in BioConnect's HQ city. 

This conference is led by the Digital Finance Institute, who has gained unbelievable exposure for their previous conferences – they’ve reached over 1 million people on Twitter, 60% of their website visitors were from global banks, providing exposure to the Canadian FinTech scene and even President Obama’s Executive Office visited their speakers, companies and sponsors at

This clearly a huge event. So, why was Toronto chosen to host it? Simple. Toronto is becoming one of the top FinTech cities in the world, and here's why I think that we are just getting started:

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