BioConnect and Genetec Combine Industry Expertise to Build Innovative Access Control Solution for the Banking Industry

January 17 2017 by Claire ScholzLeave a Comment

Both BioConnect and Genetec have worked well together in the past years securing physical access with biometric access control hardware and Genetec™ Security Center, a unified, open-architecture security platform that combines access control, video surveillance, IP communications and automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) to offer customers an intelligent Identity Platform integration. Both companies are today announcing an enhanced technology alignment designed to address the diverse needs of the banking and finance industry.

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3 Lessons for Toronto Tech from Israel, The Startup Nation

December 14 2016 by Rob DouglasLeave a Comment

This post was originally published on Rob's Linkedin on Dec. 14th. You can follow him here


I recently was invited to represent BioConnect on a trade mission to Israel with the City of Toronto and Mayor Tory.  This experience for me was just incredible from both a personal and business perspective and I’ll tell you why.


Now you hear about these so-called trade missions and don’t I for one didn’t necessarily understand what they’re all about. Israel is an incredible country. They’re starting up companies what feels like every day. While in Israel we visited most of the main cities (Sderot, Beersheva, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Ramallah, Jerusalem), start up accelerators, government institutions, startups and each day was JAM-packed. I’m not kidding when I say I only had 30 minutes a day free…and that included a shower.


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How Biometrics are Changing Identity in Latin America

December 12 2016 by Bianca LopesLeave a Comment

This post was originally published on Bianca's Linkedin on Dec 9th. You can follow her here.

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Visa and BioConnect Envisioning a World Beyond Passwords

December 11 2016 by JessicaLeave a Comment

We're thrilled to share that Visa and BioConnect have partnered up to explore password-free authentication!

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Diversity Just Happens in a Canadian Tech Company

November 29 2016 by Jeff CrewsLeave a Comment

This blog was originally posted by Jeff Crews on Nov. 29th on LinkedIn.

Back in October, I tweeted about an article authored by @Adam_Creighton. The article highlighted a recent World Bank research study that showed Canada as being among the top 4 countries in the world that have most benefited from an influx of highly skilled immigrants. 

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Mobile Payments: Connecting the Oldest Technology to the Future

November 28 2016 by Bianca LopesLeave a Comment

This post was initially posted on Bianca's Linkedin on Nov. 28. You can follow her here.

The idea of merging or eliminating, one of the worlds oldest “technologies”, cash, to one of the worlds newest technologies, the smartphone, is super intriguing. But, beyond that, looking into the merging role of cash into any ubiquitous device is even more exhilarating.

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This Black Friday Season, Pay Attention to Mobile

November 23 2016 by Bianca LopesLeave a Comment

This post was initially posted on Bianca's Linkedin on Nov. 22. You can follow her here.

With the winter season fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about holiday shopping. If you’re thinking about heading out into those overcrowded stores, think again. Mobile shopping is trending and just might be the way to go. 

In fact, bricks and mortar spending is lower than ever – falling by over 10%, from $11.6 billion in 2014 to $10.4 billion in 2015, according to ShopperTrak. On the other hand, online spending is becoming increasingly popular, with $2.74 billion in online sales. 

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Building Company Innovation and Protecting Intellectual Property

November 17 2016 by Jeff CrewsLeave a Comment

This blog was originally posted by Jeff Crews on Nov. 10th on LinkedIn.

How do young tech companies create enterprise value? It happens in many ways; from winning marquee customers, to creating a repeatable growing revenue stream. Sure, those are both very important, but it seems like every company can do that. What not everyone can accomplish, is building value through innovation.

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From People, to Keys, to Cards and Back: The Evolution of Access Control

November 14 2016 by Claire ScholzLeave a Comment

Access control is nothing new. For as long as people have had doors, there has either been a person protecting that door or there have been keys to lock it. In the much more recent future, keys have evolved into pin pads, card/fob readers, electric locks and video monitoring. Depending on the level of security required, different types of access control are deployed to limit access to certain places and things to only those who are authorized.

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Teaching Grade Nine Students the World is Full of Possibilities

November 07 2016 by Pamela SlugockiLeave a Comment

On November 2nd, BioConnect had the amazing pleasure of having #FutureBioConnectors in our office for Take Our #KidsToWork Day.  

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