Securing A Mobile-First Enterprise with Biometrics

With more than 2.5 billion smartphones in use today, it’s no surprise that mobile access control is quickly becoming an attractive option for enterprises, educational institutions and more.  Mobile access control combines the benefits of physical access control with the convenience and simplicity of smartphones - a technology people already carry around in their pockets. But with any new technology, the question arises - how do you secure it? And most importantly, security goes beyond the app, how does the enterprise guarantee access to the right individuals?


BioConnect is working with leading access control providers, such as AMAG Technology, to develop a solution that addresses this concern and will be previewing a solution at the upcoming ISC West show in Las Vegas. 



“Many of our partners are looking to offer mobile credentials - but how do you know that the person with the phone is the person who should have access?”


said Chairman & CEO of BioConnect, Rob Douglas. "With BioConnect ID, we give our partners the ability to tie biometrics to a mobile credential to offer greater assurance of identity."



BioConnect ID is at the core of every biometric service offered by BioConnect and simplifies the deployment of biometrics. BioConnect ID operates as a translator of biometrics by intelligently combining biometric technology from leading vendors and translating into one single language.

The technology can be built into a mobile app through an API or SDK. The user will have the flexibility to prove their identity using a multitude of different biometric types within the interface of the apps they’re already using making mobile access control secure and convenient. BioConnect will be demonstrating partner mobile apps that are secured by BioConnect ID. 


"We are very excited about our partnership with BioConnect," said AMAG Technology, President, Kurt Takahashi. "Applying two factor authentication in a biometric application separates our mobile credential application even further.  The integrated application is a game changer in allowing the freedom of mobility without compromising risk." 


Visit BioConnect at ISC West at booth #22075 to learn more about how you can secure mobile credentials with BioConnect ID.





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