TechWeek100: BioConnect is a 'Rising Star' in Toronto

On Friday July 13th, TechWeek published their TechWeek100 list for Toronto, and BioConnect is on the list!

Last year was TechWeek's debut in Toronto, hosting events throughout the city to celebrate the technology innovation coming out of Silicon Valley North.

The TechWeek100 is an annual award to celebrate the 100 best and brightest leaders in each TechWeek city.





As they said in their announcement, this year TechWeek did things little differently by breaking the list into 4 categories:

  • Rising Startups: Founders of up-and-coming startups growing into Hero Companies
  • Established Leaders: CEOs that generate sustainable wealth creation, and cultivate spinoffs
  • Investors: Venture capital professionals investing in Hero Companies
  • Talent Cultivators: Organization leaders cultivating future founders

We're so proud to share that BioConnect is featured as a "Rising Star" company amongst Toronto superstar tech companies such as WealthSimple, Shopify, Sensibill and Borrowell.

See the full story on TechWeek's site here.





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