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Posted by Christina Cardella on 4 November 2019
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Stat of the Week

According to 2017 statistics, there are over 130 large-scale, targeted breaches in the U.S. per year, and that number is growing by 27 percent per year.


Data Center Security Software Market to Grow at +14% CAGR

I'm new here, what is Data Center Security - is it too late to invest?

Data center security refers to the physical practices and techniques used to protect the data center from external threats and attacks. A data center is a facility that stores different IT infrastructure usually consisting of computers and storage networks. These networks are used to organize, process and store large amounts of data.

When is this Growth Happening?

Reportedly from 2019 to 2027. The current market estimate was capitalized at nearly +6 billion USD in 2019. With this kind of rapid growth, the Data Center Security Software market will be capitalized at +14 billion USD in 2027.

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Ontario Science Center was Hacked - They Didn't Planet

The names and email addresses of 174,000 members, donors, and customers of camps and birthday parties at the Ontario Science Centre were exposed in August, according to the company that does email blasts for the provincially owned tourist attraction.

How did this Hack Occur?

According to the ongoing investigation, the breach occurred when a past employee’s credentials were being used between July 23 and August 7 to access and download data from the Science Centre account that houses data related to mailings, newsletters, and invitations. This should be a lesson to all - never share logins and implement dual-factor or biometric sign-in requests. BioConnect can help with this. 

Is there a solution? Or just more Precipitates?

Brian Beamish, the Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner thinks so, “We have an open investigation, and our staff is working with the (Science Centre) to ensure the cause of the breach is fully investigated and that appropriate steps are being taken to contain the breach and prevent a reoccurrence,” However, under Ontario’s privacy law, it is not mandatory for public sector institutions to contact people who the breach affected. Beamish says, "It is certainly a best practice and we encourage institutions to notify as soon as is reasonably possible.”

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IDC Makes Improving Endpoint Security a Top Goal for 2020

Cybercriminals are getting smarter. Attacks are getting more complex and are becoming harder to resolve and plan for. increasingly difficult to prevent. Endpoint security needs to be every enterprise's top goal for 2020. 

Don't Enterprises Already Know This?

49.4% (close to half) believe that endpoint security can perform effectively as a secondary component. IDC found that the lesser the priority security leaders place on endpoint security, the more likely the endpoints will fail. Instead of taking a strategic approach, organizations treat endpoint security as an isolated strategy. According to Absolute’s 2019 Endpoint Security Trends Report, enterprises are adding an average of 10 security agents per device.

What Features are Actually Needed?

Automated operating system image recover-ability, detect and recover firmware integrity breaches, and enabling software monitoring from the hardware level are the three most in-demand endpoint security features for enterprises.

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