What's with the face? What I really think of the iPhoneX....

By Bianca Lopes September 16, 2017
This post was originally published on Bianca's LinkedIn on September 14, 2017. You can follow..

Keeping Up With Technology: Banks Can No Longer Live in Silos

By Bianca Lopes September 10, 2017

This post was originally published on Bianca's Linkedin on June 1st. You can follow her here..

BioConnect and Genetec Combine Industry Expertise to Build Innovative Access Control Solution for the Banking Industry

By Claire Scholz January 17, 2017

Both BioConnect and Genetec have worked well together in the past years securing physical access..

How to Scale and Grow Biometric Solutions: The Power of a Platform Approach

By Rob Douglas October 22, 2016

This post was originally published on Rob's Linkedin on Oct 22, 2016. You can follow him here


BioEntry W2 | What You Need to Know

By Claire Scholz July 27, 2016

Built for convenience with class-leading performance and enhanced usability -- Suprema BioEntry..

BioConnect Joins the FIDO Alliance to Bring Their Quest for Rightful Identity Platform Approach to the Authentication Standards Community

By Jessica May 17, 2016

The technology company demonstrates tenacity in a fragmented industry with their platform..


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