FLSA Ruling: Why Tracking Overtime Should Be Top Of Mind

By Claire Scholz October 27, 2016

December 1st, 2016 - the day that approximately 4.2 million currently exempt employees will..

The Top 5 Pains of Point to Point Integrations for Time & Attendance

By Nick Cimbur August 17, 2016

While adoption of biometric technology has taken a slow and steady rise in some markets over the..

Is HR Software Even a Thing Anymore?

By Claire Scholz August 4, 2016

Ok this sounds like a strange question...

You might be asking yourself, “Why is the company that..

A Solution to Eliminating Time Theft in Your Business

By Claire Scholz July 20, 2016

We all know what time theft is, but does anyone really know what its effect can have on a..


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